Social entrepreneur and experimenter


I co-founded Thrifted in April 2015 with long-time friend and former internship colleague Julian Hammer. We stopped actively working on the venture in September 2015

We set out to simplify the process of selling used furniture and within 24 hours of launching a basic website and bidding on some Google AdWords, we had multiple seller submissions representing nearly £50k value of furniture (at original price).

The initial customer proposition was that for submissions that met our quality/value criteria, we would collect a seller's furniture in bulk for free, professionally photograph, store and sell their items and they would then receive 60% of gross sales.

We bootstrapped the business, initially performing all labour and business tasks ourselves whilst hiring vans, staff and storage facilities by the day, before then transitioning to working with 'man with van' partners to take care of logistics whilst we focussed on the model and marketing.

Soon after beginning to offer a more economically viable service where we would take professional photos in-situ and then pre-sell items prior to move date, we decided to cease work on the business due to family health issues limiting the commitment I could give.

I'd be happy to help anybody actively looking at this space as I still believe the used furniture market is very inefficient.